Exploring , Adventure , History , Philosophy - dedicated to the mountains - culminating in those of Central Asia. (photos are from the 2018 expedition to the Zhidio Glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau- for past expeditions - see Expeditions)

Past archives

Pre 2013 photo archives 

Past expeditions

  • 2013 Kashmir & Ladak 4 weeks

  • 2014 Karakorum Highway 6 weeks

  • 2014 Sichuan West China 3 weeks

  • 2015 Broad Peak and the Baltoro Glacier 6 weeks

  • 2017 Kyrgyzstan 6 weeks

  • Qinghai - Tibet 2018 umapped exploration

Planned Future missions

Pakistan Northern areas 2019




Because its there      

A rambling and hopefully rambunctious account of my own philosophical persuasions - perhaps!! I use Philosophy in the full Elizabethan sense of the word in which Philosophy is science , history , physics , meta physics, religion, geology , alchemy etc etc, with even a little philosophy thrown in for good measure.


Photos from  around New Zealand


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Full report on Zhidio glaciers , Tibetan plateau can be found “https://asian-alpine-e-news.com/asian_alpine_e-new_issue_no35.pdf”

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