Photos from expeditions to the Zhidoi Glaciers on the Tibetan plateau 2018, traversing Kyrgyzstan 2017, Broad peak and the Baltoro Glacier 2015, Sichuan, China 2014, The Karakorum Highway Islamabad in Pakistan to Kashgar in China 2014 and in  Indian- Kashmir and Ladak 2013 .

2018 - (First known) Exploration of the Zhidio Glaciers and first ascents of Deciption Peak 5806m, Ben Jai Ma 5876m and Constellation peak 5796m. With Ben and Jos Hoetjes. For full report see

2017 - 6 weeks of bike Touring in Kyrgyzstan - with some mountaineering thrown in - all solo.

2015 - Encompassed 8 weeks in the Northern areas of Pakistan largely on the Baltoro Glacier amonsgt the most concentrated area of high mountains in the World. An attempt was made on Broad peak 8051m with Zdeno and Dimitar to establish a high altitude bike riding record.

2014 - Involved riding the Karakorum highway from Islamabad to Kashgar over 6 weeks on the way stopping at Kahgan Valley, Fairy Meadows, Karimabad , Pasu, Sost , Zuda Khan ,etc and hiking,climbing from these places.

2014 - Later I flew to Chengdu in the Sichuan province in China for a very rapid 2 week tour of the Sichuan alps region.

2013 - Was 3 1/2 weeks cycling and hiking in Kashmir and Ladak with Matt.