The Twins

The Arthur Range in Spring from Thorpe. The Twins on the far left are reached by traversing whole main range from the right of the picture.

Two days of hiking climbing and staying in a cave between the Twins with Carl , Simon and the leader Tony. I slept outside on the balcony myself , it was only 1700m high but still really cold  and windy. There was just enough snow left on the rocks to melt some water.

Despite the slippery slabs in the rain and mist on day one the most dangerous moment's came when relaxing back at the cave with a cup of tea in hand Carl managed to dump a large rock on my head. Luckily it was just my head, anywhere else may have caused some injury!!  

The two days worth of photos encompass the traverse of the range, staying in the cave, climbing the North and South twin's by their North ridge's and returning on the same route. The team was high on spirit, but low on fancy gear which is a great combination for a good two days out!!

North twin - 1816m , South Twin approx 1800m.