Bash in the Nelson Lakes

Conners Creek and Mt Chitterden (2205m) is a favorite as its one of the easiest and fastest  ways to access a higher local peak in the Nelson Lakes. A quick ride up the Rainbow valley followed by the hike up Conners creek leads to the base of Chitterden. Our plan was to camp on or near the top but after a late departure we only made it to about 1800 m and camped in a small glade before attempting the Mountaintop the next morning. After several attempts on the face and various gullies with full packs we finally conceded , dumped the packs at 2100 m or so and climbed the ridge-line to the top for some magnificent views before the long scramble trek and bike back to Rainbow car park a solid 12 hours later. Great training with Bill (Gandulf) and quite the different weather from the last couple of outings.