A Tangled rope we see!


With the rather inclement weather, ie heaps of rain and with the kids still on school holiday I've been house bound so to while away the hours I've been playing with harness's, straps and most of all ropes - all the paraphernalia of bondage and well, also of climbing - perhaps the two are related!! 

The ability of a perfectly coiled rope to turn into a tangled mess after a couple of gentle nudges remains a subject of mystery to me. Like many other facets of life (particularly the knowledgeable about child-rearing ) it seems the less actual hands-on experience you have in the subject the more of an expert you become! Various theory's ranging from Fractal math and Quantum physics right across to Global warming (which incidentally is one of those complete theories of everything as well) are propounded to me as to why this happens with absolute conviction by the theorists which so far haven't enlightened me one jot on the subject of rope tangle prevention. 


Below Picture 1 - Nathans idea of a perfectly coiled rope


Below Picture 2 - This is a tangled mess , after 2 prods only!!