Nothing can be less like a mountain one time than the same mountain at another.

"Nothing can be less like a mountain at one time than the same mountain at another" so Leslie  Stephen wrote over a century ago. Its rather fortunate for me with such limited time available to go out its very much the reality. There's only a few training peaks within in a day of where I live but as conditions vary so much it means I often seem to be on very different ones. This Sunday I had the added fortune of some company - Sergio from Chile who's brother is a mountaineer so he already had a good idea about it all and moreover he is a former Chilean National team athlete in the steeple chase and is used to hard physical work. Much of his athletic career was spent at training camps at altitude in the mountains of Chile!!                                                                    And the mountain , Mt Angelus again , another 10 plus hour day but with rather different snow conditions than last time and by traversing the ridges from South to North  rather different than the West face climb!!

(Leslie Stephen was father of Virginia Wolff and Vanessa Bell)