A bike and a blizzard

Got the bike ! my unique machine for Broad peak was built by Dean Rainbow in Bright water. The machine has 3 key components , light weight , extremely compact and very importantly its extremely simple , ie nothing to go wrong                                                                                              Regards plans on the mountain ,Zendo is going to take a normal bike and I am going to take this radical lightweight and easy to carry machine. we will attempt to carry both as high as we can. My bike can be carried almost fully built up which saves trying to put it together etc which maybe very difficult in the cold and on steep slopes. getting a normal bike up will be a great deal more complicated . The difficulty remains in trying to ride this machine - especially with mountaineering boots , crampons etc in the snow.                                                                                 On Sunday 21st , mid winters day got the first chance to test just how easy it is to carry the bike in perfect conditions on Mt Arthur , a blizzard with gale force winds. My new pack , a Kathmandu Incite 60 liters provided the base to carry the machine and I hooked it on with no modifications what so ever.  Once again Sergio accompanied me and we had a great time and a great test. I had the pack loaded with gear as though on the mountain and despite gale force winds and fresh snow covering blue ice on top of Winter peak and Mt Arthur  found the going good and only had a few minor slips. It was 5 hours before the load became uncomfortable but nothing dramatic and arrived back at car park after more than 6 and a 1/2 hours with only 2 crampon fitting stops.  The only failure was to actually take the bike off and try it - in conditions were it was difficult to stand up on the 2 summits I decided to leave this to another day!!                                                                                                                                                                On another angle a good friend of mine set up a Go fund me page for this mission a link to which can be found on my front page if anyone is interested in helping contribute to the costs of this adventure.