Greetings from Skardu

Greetings from Skardu, 2300m gateway to the Karakorums. Had a very long trip over the past 2 days to get here, however it was made up by the incredible scenery of the northern areas of Pakistan.

Massive river gorges and rapids below us. Lofty mountains above culminating in the massive massifs of Nanga prabat, Rakaposhi, Diran and Harmosh. The seven and eight thousand meter peaks have a very distinct character of there own looking more like clouds than mountains.

Rakaposhi was especially spectacular, a white pyramid glinting in the sun soaring above a thundercloud. There's been a succession of heavy snow years here culminating in a huge snow winter just past that defies both El Nino and climatologists - its continuing to snow at the at base camp.

We have our final day in Skardu tomorrow then the week long trek to base camp. From then, 5 weeks of no contact with the outside world will begin - except for the odd satellite phone message.

A final big thanks to all those that helped make this possible, family friends and sponsors.