Wind Blast

Bike testing and leg testing time - another mission at the Nelson Lakes with Sergio and my friend Carl! The bike got its first snow ride and I managed to get a few good meters in after several attempts and face plants.  Gale force winds all day made it a long one , over 12 hours for what normally done in 9 making the final training mission a real tester. The winds turned the snow into rime ice and the gale had us skating around everywhere. With a big storm on Angelus Carl decided to be Base camp and Sergio and I headed up. Fortunately the same wind producing the white out had bared the snow away from most of the rock  leaving a reasonable route up the icy west face. The way back was even more viscous and we ended up pinned to the ridge tops several times crawling on hands and knees to safer ground.  Great day had by all - even the bike!!