The Lucky Team


The team arrived back in Islamabad yesterday - the lucky team I've called it as two of us survived almost uninjured very long falls , myself down 30 meters of rock and Dimitar some 300m down snow and ice. 

Climbing conditions in the Karakorums were extremely bad and dangerous. Heavy snow falls in the winter combined with an intense monsoon meant lots of treacherous snow. Unfortunately I managed to lose my backpack containing my sleeping bag, tent, warm clothing and passport off of a cliff during my fall putting me out of the climb. I was stuck at camp with the bike for 5 straight days of snowfall.

Zdeno with Dimitar pushed on to the end. But eventually they conceded defeat and it was on the down climb that the fixed rope Dimitar was on suddenly vanished, presumably cut in an avalanche, and he went hurtling down the snow slope.


These are some initial photos on the walk out - in the next days I will write a fuller report, download and post some of the main photos. 
For now , greetings from Islamabad , Pakistan where I am waiting for a New Passport.