Easter Full Moon

As the full moon rose over Kahurangi National park Mike, Bill, Pam ,Nika and I made a quick dash up Mt Arthur for a nights stay.

Along the misty ridge 

A Kea - New Zealands Alpine parrot followed us up - rather more easy going for a bird than us.

It was looking to bright on way up!!

Dusk on the summit , an Easterly rolled thru and we had a full moon to pitch the tents,

Dawn on top 

Within minutes of the sunrise a strong Nor Wester blew up which remained with us the rest of day - we were planning some rock climbing high on Mountain but went lower in search of shelter.

Just fooling around!! can't really say I enjoy rock climbing much but every bit of practice comes in handy. Never know when one may need it.

Mike and Bill posing for camera on way out. It seems that great minds - well maybe slightly crazy ones think alike. Completely unknown to me my Slovakian team mate Zendo who lives in Kunming China had the same idea over Easter - to climb up a mountain and stay the night - his was rather higher and more difficult than mine - check out his blog posthttp://2015broadpeak.blogspot.co.nz/p/novinky.html 


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