Slimming time

When one thinks of preparing for high altitude adventure there's the image of training as if from a Rambo movie. The reality is sometimes more like this , hours of nose to the grindstone or, well the computer screen organizing flights , equipment , porters and seeking sponsors especially that elusive breed called the cash sponsor and then figuring out what other extra fat you can pare out of the project to match the ever slimmer budget!! (I'm as be bewildered as I look!!)

Meeting Dallen , Nelson Kathmandu Manager - had a light hearted laugh or two. Fun guy.

The Colossi expedition bike on its way up Mount Arthur


Flora Saddle at 1000m. The bike rides over, the hiking begins.


Among the Rocks on Mt Arthur Summit 1800m there is nothing to see here as most of the Hike was in cloud however I got to enjoy some Absolute Wilderness goodies. I especially like the Banana milkshake. All up I had a great 9 hour day out of the office into the real office.





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A steep climb up to Flora saddle Bradley Neame discovers


Above the "Cauldron" as I call it on Winter Peak with a stiff South Westerly blowing. The wind is howling through these rocks at 1750m.